No variety in your sentences is b-o-r-i-n-g.

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I like reading a lot. I do it quite often. Reading is interesting to do. 

You're bored already, aren't you. 

I am, and I wrote those sentences. But they're so samey: five words long, similar types of words, similar construction. Dull, dull, dull.

Most of us are clever enough to write sentences that are more complex than my poor examples above, but you'd be surprised how often I see the same basic constructions repeat themselves, over and over.

He did X, as he was doing Y.

She did Z, as she was watching W.

They screamed C, as they went over to A and B.

It's also surprising how often writers end up with sentences of similar length.  Of course, it's not incorrect, but it's boring, especially when you can use the contrast of short sentences next to long ones to create some really punchy effects. 

She wondered if it was true, like everyone said, that Brett had taken all that money. No one could prove it, and of course, he seemed so honest, and open, and genuine, but the fact was there: rumours didn't start for no reason, and mud stuck.

She wondered. And then she found out.

See? There's tension and drama there that are only created because of the contrast in length and structure.

Have a read through your chapters. If you find yourself constantly falling into the same patterns, change things up a little. Join some sentences together. Divide others in half. Find other ways of connecting action and consequences.

No variety in your sentences is boring. #memoir #writingtips #writing #selfcare #author #memoirist #writer

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