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Get into the second part of the course

You're invited to be part of the beta-testing team for the second part of the Red Lounge for Writers course - Write Your Memoir. 

Once again, you'll get access to all the lessons, downloads and worksheets, for life, and you'll be invited to give your feedback and testimonials about the course.

If you're still serious about writing your memoir, this part of the course will help you write so that people can't stop reading.

I'm offering this part of the course for the very low cost of $50. You'll have saved $210 off the full price of both courses, and gained yourself some invaluable skills and tools for your writing journey.

Hurry! Time is limited. Enrol before November 15 to access this special offer.

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When you sign up, your name will be added to the wait list. You'll be automatically enrolled in the course in a few weeks time, and you'll be notified by email as lessons are released.