Memoir Mini-course


Here's the Memoir Mini-course Video 3

In this video we're looking at how you figure out just where your story starts and ends. (You'd be surprised at how many people get confused by this.)

When you've watched it, you'll find your downloadable worksheet to print out and make notes on right here.


And as a little extra...

To say thank you for watching all three of the videos in this Mini-course, we'd love to give you this bonus Memoir Inspiration Worksheet. It'll help you figure out the structure of your story and what goes where.



So, what's next?

If you thought these videos were a little bit helpful (and, let's be honest, they were only really a smidgin of what you need to know when you're structuring, planning and writing your memoir) why not check out our Write Your Memoir course? 


Write your Memoir is an 8-week course that will give you all the tools and skills you need to: 

  • plan and structure your memoir
  • decide what to put in and what to leave out
  • write so that people want to read it
  • keep going until you're finished

In Level 1 you'll learn, step by step, everything you need to know to structure you memoir and create a chapter-by-chapter plan.

In Level 2 you'll be given the tools you need to make your writing even better. You'll learn the most common mistakes amateur writers make and how to fix them. And you'll be given support and help as you do the work of actually writing.

In Level 3, you have five hours of personalised help from the course tutors. Use it how you like: for editing, asking questions or bouncing ideas.

Start with Level 1 and move up as you go, or sign up for all three Levels. It's your choice.