Memoir Mini-course


Here's the Memoir Mini-course Video 1

In this video we look at the three things you definitely don't want to do as you write your memoir. Go ahead, press 'play' above by clicking on the little triangle, and find out what they are. 

What's next?

There are two more videos in this mini-course.

Video Two focuses on the three essential things that you must have in your memoir. (One of them is obvious. But if you miss the other two, you'll have a story that doesn't stand up well, and doesn't hook your readers.) It comes with a downloadable worksheet to get your writing happening.

In Video Three, we look at identifying the real beginning and the end of your story, and the questions to ask to find them out. (You'd be surprised how many people don't know where to begin - or where to end their memoir.)

We'd love you to watch them and get ahead on your memoir writing. They're full of helpful information for you - for free. Just tell us your name and email address so we know where to send them to. 


Ready for Video 2?

It's yours, for free. Just let us know where to send it.