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Ready to write your story?


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"I want it all - and the personal help as well!"

When you purchase all three levels together, you'll get our Structure Your Memoir segment, together with the Write Your Memoir segment. You're also entitled to five invaluable hours of personal consultation with the course teacher, which you can use to get specific feedback, ideas and edits.


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per month x 9

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"I want to give myself a great, solid  foundation for writing my story."

Grab both the Structure Your Memoir and Write Your Memoir segments of the course and you'll have everything you need to plan and write a great memoir on your own. 


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per month x 7

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option 3

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"I'll dip my toe in and give this thing a go."

Test the waters with the Structure Your Memoir part of the course and level up later. You'll come out with a great understanding of what it takes to put a memoir together, and you'll have a chapter plan to help guide you when you start writing. 


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per month x 4

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Still not sure? Here's what our students said...

I feel like my plan is much clearer, more confident.
— Nicky W
I would definitely recommend this course.
— Leonie W
I would have no hesitation at all in recommending it to anyone interested in writing their own memoir. I think it’s a really good way to get started if you’re serious about this kind of project, and I think there are some fantastic tools and resources for anyone who has no idea how to do this. Or even anyone who has a bit of an idea but has some things that are really hard to figure out.
— Bethany
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Still not sure? Why not have a chat to us? Send us your phone number and a good time to call you and we can talk about your memoir.

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Very good value for the depth and thoroughness of the instruction. Cecily, you present well that I found myself warming to you and looking forward to the videos.
— David